of The Hours 

(The Philadelphia Orchestra, March 2022)

"Special mention should be made of countertenor Chuanyuan Liu, who performed solos from the choir loft with an unearthly beauty that made the most of every moment."

—David Fox, Parterre Box


of In a Grove

(Pittsburgh Opera, February 2022)

"Countertenor Chuanyuan Liu sang the Medium through whom the dead Ambrose tells his version of events with an otherworldly flourish; his final duet with Mr. Turner—two Ambroses together—was a high point. He also illuminated the brief role of the shy Priest who sees the couple on the road before they meet Luther." 

—Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal


"The singers, a trio of Pittsburgh Opera resident artists... and countertenor Chuanyuan Liu performed with inspired levels of clarity and nuance, ... Liu ... were particularly effective, ... with a floating, ethereal performance as the medium..." 

—Jeremy Reynolds, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


"... countertenor Chuanyuan Liu (Priest/Medium) embraced Cerrone's induced echo to haunting effect."

—Jane Vranish, Opera News


"Countertenor Chuanyuan Liu as the Medium (he also plays the priest) commanded the stage in a gleaming metallic silver floor-length coat as he communed with Ambrose in the opera’s final scene. ... Liu’s countertenor is as striking as his intense stage presence. In the final scene, Cerrone wrote an extended duet for Ambrose and the Medium that required Turner and Liu to sing alternatively in unison and in the interval of a ninth apart. The precision and clarity with which the two men accomplished this feat was remarkable." 

—Rick Perdian, Classical Voice North America


"Chuanyuan Liu... made rather a striking first impression." 

—George B. Parous, onStage Pittsburgh


"The four performers ... their respective deliveries are skillfully nuanced ... Yazid Gray, Chuanyuan Liu, Andrew Turner, and Madeline Ehlinger never have the luxury of just performing in isolation as most actors and singers do, but as components of something larger and selfless – constituting, ultimately, a kind of sublime gestalt." 

—Stuart Sheppard, Pittsburgh Quarterly


of Rest in Pieces: In Memory of Opera 

(Bard College-Conservatory of Music, March 2020)

“... elicited prolonged spontaneous applause… , as did countertenor Chuanyuan Liu from China for his acrobatic sweetness that was simply amazing. The audience was dizzy and talkative with delight at this polished performance.” 

—Kevin McEneaney, The Millbrook Independent